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Lois by corelila Lois by corelila
Here's my process for making this:

1. Get inspired by some badass art that involves fabric and holes. Make some flowers in art class while killing time and decide it would be cool to incorporate them.

2. Go driving by myself in a big city for the first time to go get some fabric that is vintage. I didn't know what exactly i was looking for, but I knew i was looking for it. I got lost about six times and had to call my dad from the opposite side of town.

3. Find the perfect fabric! And get told that it will never work.

4. Bleach it anyway. In the bathtub. With one of those ketchup bottles and half bleach/half water.

5. Take it to school and cut a bunch of holes in it.

6.Mend the holes with thread! I honestly wanted to kill someone during this part. It probably took me around 15 hours just to put that pink thread in there. Then I stapled it. It was incredibly easy even though everybody told me it would be impossible.

7. Stare at it for a while! I got a new student teacher while this project was going on and he asked me what it was about. We dug around in my head for a while and discovered that it was about my grandma.

8. Feel immobilized about what to do. Start painting blood coming down from the holes. At this point it looked INCREDIBLY TERRIFYING. People came up to it, had this look of "UMM WHAT IS THIS HERE, I DONT EVEN KNOW BUT IT SCARES ME." I was pretty happy with that reaction, but it wasnt true to my original idea and my art teacher was like "please make it less scary, I dont want to get in trouble."

9. So I painted some blue streaks too and added the flowers. It looked a lot less scary then.

10. Stare at it some more. Like seriously, I spent about two hours just trying to figure out what to do after that. Eventually I added the fabric things on the sides and another hole to give it more balance.

11. I called it done. Its very conceptual and I like it that way, god damn it. lol.

I honestly dont know what i was thinking when i originally submitted this. It looked terrible. This is a bit better, tone-wise. in person, this is huge. It took me forever.

So yeah.. this is a portrait of my grandma. I'll leave all the rest up to you. I promise i'm not saying anything disrespectful though. I love my grandma.
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April 29, 2011
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