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June 30, 2009
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Magnolias by corelila Magnolias by corelila
Meet my distraction. I was supposed to be working on that peice... you know, the one I submitted the WIP for. I decided to rework his face, that rework went off the deep end of detail. I just couldnt stop working on his face. Eventually the style became so different than the piece I was going to put it in, I just quit. So I stuck it in a different canvas and messed around with it. First it was epic fail Death Note fanart, then it was just like the stock (but i got bored of that) and eventually I decided he should be an angel. So that's what I did.

Random magnolia trees FTW!

Meet what is quite possibly the best stock photo I've ever used: [link]
and it's by :iconkatanaz-stock:

As an off note... can anyone see a young Sweeney Todd in this? I think it's the hair... I put that random white streak in there for no reason, and since apparently wings should match hair, I put a couple of white feathers in too. I could probably turn this into something meaningful and psedo-deep about the nature of humanity, but I think I'll skip it. :p

Oh, and I just remembered why I put the magnolias in. (Random ADD attack XD) I was listening to Magnolia by The Hush Sound.
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