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Roman by corelila Roman by corelila
Huzzah for contest entries!
Here's my entry for :iconflaming-spirit:'s contest. I didnt expect it to turn out this way, but it did.

So this is Roman, the subject of the contest. He's a vampire, hence the blood, and I dont know what happened with the pocket watch (or locket, or magical item or something) but it looks cool and I thought the peice was missing something, so there it is. (of course, if it should be changed to something else with meaning, I can change it.)

I dont know how many hours it took, and i listened to The City of Bones by Clarissa Claire while painting it. I used a bunch of refs, none prominently enough to link to, though. His face is a mix of Heath Ledger and River Phoenix, I looked at a bunch of leather jackets on google for help on lighting and the cracks, and I looked at a shot of the moon for the moon. The clouds are random, again, I looked at many things. I found an interesting shot of a guy with long black hair, and since Roman has long black hair, painted him that way.

Should I put up a mature content filter? I want to, just because it's the first bona fide gory thing I've drawn... and my gallery seems like wholesome oatmeal without it. :p
Wondering why my grammar is sucking? It's late and I'm tired.
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Captinet-Kate Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2009
o my gosh is so amazing!!!!!. love the nose.
corelila Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009  Student General Artist
I'm really glad someone likes it, it took forever to get right lol!
Vogelspinne Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I really like the way you rendered the jacket- it's very detailed and the folds look realistic. :]
corelila Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009  Student General Artist
Thank you!
Vogelspinne Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome!
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July 16, 2009
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